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South Park Slot Machine Review - Play Free NetEnt Casino Game Online

Play South Park Slot Game to Get Crazy Wins in Bonuses

Screenshot South Park

Long time ago, in 1997, on the American TV screens was introduced one of the most scandalous multiplicated series called South Park. The most attractive feature of this creation is criticism of every part of human nature. It would be easier to count what this series doesn’t make fun of. The biggest scandals were based on religion, racism, ordinary duties, and all this action was spiced by a huge amount of black humor.

Maybe, because of all these satires, one part of human beans totally like it, and other completely hate, but we can’t deny that fact that it’s very popular among youth from 18 to 30. Well, Development Company called NetEnt couldn’t pass through all of this rush around the series and it has made a wonderful and fascinating game, which is based on events from it. It’s called South Park slot and this total explosion of gambling sphere.

Play South Park Slot by NetEnt Developers with Variety of Bonus Features

South Park Slot Online

Let’s start with explaining the level of graphics. It’s quite good actually, engrossing backgrounds and soundtracks from original episodes immerse you in that fantastic world of satire and black humor. In addition, it should be said that it has a very user-friendly interface. All buttons are completely understandable for every kind of gamblers.

Of course, we should say some words about the special pictures of South Park slot. They depict characters from the original franchise, which totally supplement the atmosphere of the slot. It’s easy to recognize that it has a big amount of bonuses in South Park slot machine which have really good prizes for its activating.

There are some of them called Cartman Game Feature, Kenny Bonus Game, Kyle Free Spins, Stan Bonus Spins, Terrance and Phillip bonus, and Mr.Hankey Feature.

All of them have special aspects of gameplay. For example, Cartman bonus game is a feature where you need to choose the highest multipliers from the bushes, or Stan free spins game, which are making some of symbols sticky, that increase the won money amount from the next spin. Worthy of mention, Mr.Hankey feature, which will spawn wilds on the reels 1,3, 5.

Continuing the talking about features, it should be noticed Kenny free spins bonus, where you need to control one of the main heroes in order to win multipliers. All in all, NetEnt development organization made a brave move of making slot on such thematic. It should be mentioned that, no one do it before.

Lots of modern professionals and rookies of online casino industry gave positive remarks about this game, so it’s completely worth trying. So grab your device and try to play South Park slot game for free or real money.